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(Riga, Riga, Latvia)

Situated on the Daugava River Delta, the Riga Commercial Port sits at the heart of this Latvian town. The town's hotels, restaurants and embassies can be reached by a five-minute walk from the old town in the Vecriga area.

The Passenger Terminal houses the majority of the port's services and facilities, including several shops and dining options.

The port offers tourist ventures through Latvia Tours, who can arrange sightseeing tours to the region's highlights. Short-term and long-term parking facilities are also available.

Riga is a thriving town with a rich history. After liberation from the Soviet Union, the region has renovated its historical districts and now offers a perfect blend of new-world convenience with old-world charm.

Ferry Services

There are two primary passenger routes operating through the port of Riga. Tallink carries passengers from Riga to Stockholm on the Regina Baltica.

The journey takes 17 hours. Alternately, DFDS Tor Lines operates service to the German port of Lübecka on board the Mermaid II, with a total travel time of 31 hours. The ferries are equipped to accommodate those with disabilities, and it is recommended that passengers inform their ferry company of special requirements when making the reservation.

Contact Port of Riga:
Address: Eksporta Street 6, LVŠ1050 Riga, Latvia, LV
Tel: +371 67 030 800
Fax: +371 67 030 835
Email: info@freeportofriga.lv
Riga Port

Riga Port

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