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Since gaining independence from the Soviet Union, Riga has steadily been developing and is now a modern town with many renovated buildings, cafés and bars that cater to visitors' needs.

A walk through the old town inspires hope for its future as you will find a wonderful fusion of old and new worlds side by side.

What to do in Riga

The Central Market is home to Riga's most impressive shopping opportunity. It consists of five old buildings that were zeppelin hangers during the 1930s. Offering an authentic glimpse into the commerce of the region, this is a prime spot for locals to buy and sell cheap fruit and vegetables.

Several museums can be found in Riga, including the Occupation Museum of Latvia. It is housed in a Communist-era building and contains exhibits displays on Latvia's turbulent history. The Latvian History Museum is located in Riga Castle, which dates back to the 14th century. The museum, founded in 1869, exhibits information on Latvia's ancient history. A third option for museum-goers is the Museum of War with displays about Latvian riflemen during WWI.

Tourist Attractions

The old town sits on the banks of the Daugava River with a cluster of winding, cobblestone streets culminating in town squares. The town is considered to offer Europe's finest display of Germanic Art Nouveau architecture and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Riga Cathedral, known locally as Riga Doms, contains a montage of Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. Also of note are St Peter's Church, which dates back to the early 15th century, and the Freedom Monument, which was erected in 1935 and stands as an important symbol for Latvia.

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