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Riga is a developing town with plenty of accommodation on offer, and is fast becoming very budget friendly, with cheap hostel lodging and hotels opening on a fairly regular basis, often close to the historical Old Town area. However, much of the accommodation in Riga does fall within the luxury bracket, with the best offerings including the Grand Palace Hotel, the Reval Ridzene, the Reval Latvija and the Radission SAS Daugava.

If your budget allows, do consider staying at the Gutenbergs on the Doma Laukums, which resides within the very heart of the Old Town and features its very own rooftop restaurant, which comes complete with views of St. Peter's Church and its towering spire. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Riga, do bear in mind that there is rarely enough accommodation to satisfy the demands, particularly during the busy period between May and August.

The Monica Centrum Hotel is another high-rated facility near the Embassy quarter of the town. The Domina Inn Riga can be found near the medieval old town, situated in the Art Nouveau District.

An abundance of accommodation is available and will suit every taste and budget. Much of it has been redeveloped from dull Soviet-era hotels, but with an increasing amount of weekenders arriving on budget flights, the choice and quality is improving.

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