Port of Riga

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Riga, Riga, Latvia)

The port of Riga operates two passenger ferry routes. The service to Stockholm is managed by Tallink, while ships bound for Lübeck are operated by DFDS Tor Lines.

Riga to Stockholm

Ferry services to Stockholm depart from Riga between three and four times per week. The journey takes 17 hours.

The port of Stockholm is an efficient and well-run port with full facilities and an annual throughput of over seven million passengers.

Riga to Lübeck

Ferries depart twice a week from Riga port to the German port of Lübeck. It's a very long journey, at 31 hours, and ships disembark two times per week. Lübeck is Germany's largest port on the Baltic Sea, handling 600,000 passengers per year.

Riga Port

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